MEI FUNG specialized in sublimation printing to develop the Team Sportswear and also corporate and promotiona apparel in the market. In addition, it offers a wide range of stylish top quality imprinted products, including without limitation of t-shirt and sport wear in all kinds of material and fabric. The extensive vendor relationships allow MEI FUNG to offer products that are not available through other distributors.
MEI FUNG also provides One-Stop services comprising tailor-made design, layout and artwork making, custom imprint, packaging as well as logistic service for and commercial field.Environmental protection is one of our concerns so we courage our client to engage our green services for which recycled materials such as recycle and FSC paper, soy ink, recycled and organic fabric will be used at our client’s preference. Unlike others, we will support local production, in particular those organized or established by NGOs. With its reputable high quality of services.
MEI FUNG has gained its clients absolute confidence. There is no doubt that each customer of MEI FUNG will be able to build up its own business at the reasonable costs and gain the recognition and exposure from customers with MEI FUNG distinctive customized products.

Meifung is a sport and event apparel producer

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